Thursday, October 19, 2006
i've moved

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Friday, September 15, 2006

i feel unlucky. pffft.
yeah like during PE today muy shoe flew again. i fell while playing soccer *so not my fault ms soo made us play on hte wet and icky field* and i got hit like twice really hard on hte leg and stomach. ouch.
yeah and then for pratical....hah. i think i didnt do too well. oh wells.
but anyways me and marisa went to KAP after school to eat cos our canteen didnt have any food left for us. yeah and then we got totally obsessed with curry sauce. hahah so we randomly took some photos of our beautiful collection of curry sauces (((: fyi we ate all of it up hah.

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there was this group of acsi guys sitting in front of us at KAP and they were super funny. like all four guys somehow chose the super small table and everyone was trying to do their own stuff. like one wanted to study so he took out foolscap and calculator and the others wanted to eat so they put their tray of food on the table too. and seriously maan the table is so small and you guys are like so big there is absolutely NO way you could get anything done there. oh yeah and me and marisa were like sitting at a long table about 8 seats in total and we were just using one part of the table. it was kinda weird but who cares...we got to see what was going on everywhere in KAP cos we were sitting on HIGH chairs. *yes now i admit im short* anyways...there was this guy in the "pack" and he was trying to convince his friends to eat and then study. partly cos i think he wanted to eat anyways he tried all ways and means to persuade his friends to join him and he was like "...cant study after eating for 30 mins..." then his friend went " ...i can study and eat at the same time..." and the first guy like gave this expression so funny that marisa kept laughing and laughing hah.darn funny watching. (((:
then i saw momo and mariko. they came over and ate lunch while studying. hah. nothing much happened except when marisa made me watch happy tree friends on her ipod. seriously sadistic. gosh its so gross. and while i was squealing she was laughing. as in laughing away SADISTICALLY. gosh marisa has been very much influenced by happy tree friends. oh no.
yupps okay i gotta go now.sleep early for tomorrows mini golf tournament. hah.

Let's waste time chasing cars

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

omg i havent been posting for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too long that sucks. okay hmmm 19 more days to exam.omg omg omg. i haven started studying yet. shits.

okay nvm about that. we shall see how many late nights i'll have to endure over the next few weeks. hahah. hmmm im bored now.a;sdkjfas
some random stuff i did in class due to overwhelming boredom...hah
throw ALL worksheets away
plan class party
then veggies party
re-decorate my room
re-arrange my desktop
pack my cupboards
movie marathon
head to the beach
shopping spree at IKEA
earn spending money *target 500 bucks
take photos for intended graffiti wall in my house
bonding time with many many people
fix my printer *that dumb thing hasnt been working for dunno how many months ago*
maybe upgrade my computer (:
watch korean drama
make class blog alive
update my blog EVERYDAY
make stuffies as farewell gifts for THE traitors (im kidding...)
play a little bit of piano (((:
stock up on more nail polish
train for next years golf nats (im so gonna make it. not)
learn kickboxing. (my mum actually wants to do it.. haha after i learn it i might just go around kicking people...oh gosh im actually sounding like ruth ahah.)
bake something nice and yummy. like cupcakes i found cupcakes that have pink stuff in it (((((((((:
do something about my tan lines (horrible horrible tan lines)
find a realistic way to grow taller (not by drinking milk or sleeping straight at night i dont think that works)
ym camp
holiday with family
(for now its that short it'll lengthen as the time goes by...)
oh yeah and jasmine got booted out of SINGAPORE IDOL. so that leaves jon and hady. ((((((:
jon rocks hahah.
I used to hate to see you gone
But this time its different

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

school is so boring now. no more laughter. no more life in class. everyone's practically burying their heads in their books. so saddening ))))): its as if my friends dont have a life or something. take a break from studying you guys.. laugh more...WITH ME!!! hahah. okay i seem to be the only one like blogging nowadays.
35 more days to go before the start of exams.
i have no mood to study now and im running out of songs to listen to. )))): oh wells after blogging i shall write letters to peatan and jinnie and charlene. sorry you guys owe you letters from a very loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. hahah.

some random stuff i got off a childrens book...
9 uses of a friend

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Am I supposed to leave you now
When you're looking like that

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Friday, August 25, 2006

today was quite slack in school. i got back my chinese book test.i FLUNKED it *AGAIN* gosh im so pissed with myself. asdl;kjfas;dfkj

ignore me ; im nuts

hahah. then played soccer AGAIN for pe. im getting really bored of the game. i got hit hard on my stomach and many times waist-down. ms soo mentioned that we might be playing this the next time we have pe. shucks im gonna have to come up with a really good reason if we are still gonna play soccer. (((:
anyways tricia was being a clown on court: marisa threw the ball. the ball landed on the court...bounced in front of tricia...instead of kicking it she bent down and caught the ball with her hands. then she still wanted to pass the ball with her hands. it was super funny. i had SOOOOO much fun playing with germany. hahah. we just kept kicking the ball really hard and far to the ends of the court for fun and i accidentally kicked a ball really hard and it NEARLY hit ms soo. like it flew and brushed past ms soo's sleeve. thank goodness i didnt hit her if not i would have gotten into big trouble with her. during one of the games my shoe flew out for the first time in many many lessons. hahah and i SCOREDD A GOAL! im so proud of myself :]

hahah. in between classes i was talking to mong and wanky.
mong: let me tell you a joke..
me and wanky: okay
mong: what part of my body has the most cartoon characters?
me and wanky: *dunno*
mong: this knee *dis-ney*
got it??
hahah. mongs really funny and then we were talking about random stuff when mong asked if marisa had a boyfriend. she said she saw marisa with three other guys at cafe cartel before. me and wanky just laughed at her random-ness and doubt she had one. if she had one i would be the first few to know RIIIGHT MARISA HOE JUN HAN? RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT?? hahah.
*later in the afternoon* me and marisa talking at the bus stop...
me: mong asked if you had a boyfriend she said she saw you at cafe cartel with three other guys before
marisa: huh?? got meh?? *pauses for a long moment to think while i was eating my ice-cream*
marisa: oh YEAH. they were my bros la.
me: you only have two bros what...whos the other guy??
marisa: *bursts out laughing* my MUM!!!!!!!
oh gosh it was so funny. hahah
i cant wait till tomorrow lets see what programme i have...
get to church before 9
FOODFAIR STARTS! *all the yummy yummy food :]*
foodfair ends at 2 leave for...
*shop till you drop*
go for tuition at 430
meet veggies at 645
somehow find our way to singapore conference hall before 8
watch concert *sleep i mean ahah*
reach home at like what? 11??
the end of my day tomorrow

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nurul maideen doesnt deserve to be out.
until the day JOAKIM GOMEZ gets voted out...gurmit singh will say:

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

had life science and physics test. gosh i think im gonna flunk it too.

im sad = need chocolates
got told off by mrs chong for doodling on a piece of paper during lesson .like hello??? your lesson is so frigging boring and your notes come from the textbook la. all i have to do is to highlight and highlight and more highlighting. its not as if your explanation comes in very handy. and anyways i was trying to find my purrfect signature when she told me off. there goes my inspiration. :[
anyways had bonding time with half of my class after school. we were doing art together. hahah. i FINISHED IT! goal accomplished. hahah. i ended like 5 plus and i couldnt switch my phone on so dramamama couldnt get me. she panicked and called xianwen.
to xianwen: sorry girl if my mum's phone call gave you a shock! she's just being drama as usual. hahah
yeah then me and jinnie had a short bonding time while waiting for molina to come back from the canteen. haha we should all have bonding time everyday. (((:

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

ive been jinxed.

yeah okay so lets start with the things that happen in the morning...i woke up. put on my contacts. except that it just wouldnt stick to my eyeball. *okay that sounded gross but nvm i cant think of any other word* yeah and so i took like 10 mins just to get it in. went to wait for my bus downstairs. turns out my school bus was waiting for me. *during school* got back results for MEP history and math.


dun ask me how much i got cos thats not really important. its close to failing. )))):
if that wasnt tay kept us in for 10 mins after school to explain some stuff to us for project work. ended being late for golf and didnt have time to change. took bus to mandai executive golf club. coach gave me a lecture cos i wore the wrong color shirt. *i think she was p-m-s-ing* hahah. anyways played some golf in the hot sun and i had a sleeve tan. if thats what you call the different colors between your the part covered by your sleeve and the exposed part of your arm. hahah. went home and got a trashing from my mum for not practising piano. studied for life science and physics. watched jon leong perform in Singapore Idol. he got negative remarks. was pissed cos i thought he sang well enough so i went back to studying. wanted to blog but the computer couldnt really work. went to sleep in the end.
had a nightmare.

You had a bad day You're taking one down

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